Aimed at creating an iconic, communal, never-before-seen event for the city of Chicago, Chi-Town Rising was an ambitious project which brought the first large scale, outdoor New Year's Eve party, concert, and broadcast to this amazing city.


An event of this scale requires a small community to develop. ONE618 integrated their designers, producers, and show management team into all aspects of production, working with several amazing partner companies.


With a focus on building towards the future, Chi-Town Rising developed elements rooted in the city's culture. The centerpiece of this experience, designed by ONE618, was a 78' Chicago Star, alive with lighting and video, which rose over 300' to the top of the Hyatt Chicago at midnight.


In its inaugural year, this event drew 90,000 people in Chicago's winter and was seen by over 1,000,000 during the broadcast. Anchored with performances by American Authors and Chicago, the event culminated in a countdown that has already become a lasting city tradition.