What do you want your audience to feel? We ask ourselves this question always, and in some cases, we get to go along for the ride. By the end of this project, we were as much a part of the audience as we were part of the production and design team.


Our client envisioned a concert by an amazing performer in an unconventional space. Our challenge was to integrate a complete production design into a Chicago Latin restaurant with no infrastructure for an event, and to do it in less than a day.


In the end, our work on the project paled in comparison to the performance of John Legend. From the first note, he held the audience, transporting them into his world. We could have just given him a piano and a microphone, and he still would have transformed that space.


We look back on this project as one of our favorites. It encapsulated all of the elements of an amazing project...unconventional design, challenges, collaboration, sweat, excitement, frustration, execution, and an amazing memory.